Game of Thrones LCG 2.0 MELEE tournament, July 1st 18:30
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    Time and place: Brain Games, Kr.Barona 55 - July 1st 18:30
    Structure: Melee. 4 rounds, round limit 90 min. So be ready for the total time of the event to be about 6.5 hours.
    ScoringWin = 15, = power / 2, = power / 3, = power / 4. If any players tie with power, their power get counted together and divided with lowest place. If you want to know more detailed - read here

    If there is a tie in final results then Head-to-Head is the tiebreaker if possible, if not then SoS.

    Entry fee: 4.00 eur

    1st place = Set of acrylic Lannister power tokens.
    1st and 2nd place = An alternate art A Noble Cause plot card.
    Seventeen copies of the alternate art card, Tyrion Lannister to be divided among all evenly. 

    Proxies NOT allowed! All released chapter packs are allowed.
  • Depending on player count we might have additional prizes.. probably like a flyer for a free AGOT exp or another core set split in factions among players. 
  • Date is set - July 1st 18:30.
  • Yesterday evening when doing our first ever 6 player Melee a new idea sparked to life - that we should make a special event where everyone represents one unique house. 

    We thought that it should be without banner agendas but you could do no agenda, fealty or crossings. Now to think more about it I believe Fealty should be mandatory to make it even more thematic event. 

    This upcoming tournament will serve as a source for figuring out the draft order. Meaning that the highest seed from this event will get to pick any house while the 2nd place will get what's left and then so on.. till we reach all 8 houses preferably.

    At first we were thinking of doing another massive 6+ player Melee (if you are wondering what would be the rules.. well for 6 players you won't discard any role and have all roles at the table, for 7-8 player - the last players would be without a role = no rivals, no supports, no ability), but thinking more of it today I believe the game would most likely be very chaotic and if we really want to play something with that many players - there are actually fit games for that. So I would propose actually to do simply another 3-4 player Melee tournament but with these unique houses. There would be a minimal participation fee and some prizes - probably like discount flyers for AGoT expansions.
  • Sounds very interesting and if i could make it on that one, i would gladly participate.

    Thumbs up from me.  :)

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