Game of Thrones LCG 2.0 - Store Championship, 6th of May 19:00
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    Time and place: Brain Games, Kr.Barona 55, 6th of May 19:00
    Structure: Joust. 5 rounds of swiss, time limit 55 min
    Scoring: win - 5, timed win - 4, tie - 2, timed lose - 1, lose - 0

    Entry fee: 6.00 eur

    Champion: The winner receives a Store Championship plaque and a card granting one first-round bye at a Regional Championship of the player’s choice.
    Top 5: Playmat featuring Lady Olenna and Margaery Tyrell.
    Top 9: House Tyrell deck box.
    33 The Eyrie alternate art card split evenly to all participants from top to bottom (max 3 per player).

    Proxies allowed - but only printed with color! All released chapter packs are allowed.
  • Tiekamies rītdien un noskaidrosim, kurš tad valdīs pār Vesterosu.
  • FYI Calm over Westeros is legit.
  • We dont need Calm over Westeros, we NEED WAR. Pilage and conquer!
  • Thanks everyone for coming. The new ruler of Westeros is Baratheon with a help of Martell. 
  • Thanks for organising yet another awesome tournament!

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