Tiny Epic Western- Kickstarter.
  • https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coe/tiny-epic-western

    As usual there is kickstarter game wich is nice looking and would like to gather 10 wiling people who would like to back it with me.

    I'd like to go for 10 Deluxe copies wich costs with shipping 240$ (so 24$ per person), instead of Regular one wich is 200$ with shiping (20$ per person)

    Click the link to check it out and here post who and how many copies they want.

    Me, myself go for one copy of this game.


    OH, and the game is already backed. So just now strech goals.
  • Es droši vien būšu ieinteresēts, bet vēl jāpapēta kas tas par zvēru :)
  • Tad ierakstu Tevi ar Jautājuma zīmi. :)
  • No lapas tā arī nekļuva sakidrs ar ko delux atšķiras no standart?
    Tikai ar 2 papildus kārtīm?
  • divas kārtis Boss/characters un divi metamie kauliņi, bet pēc komentos sniegtās atbildes, varētu vēl kas būt papildus.

    "@Mark Horneff 

    Q: @Gamelyn, are there plans to grow the deluxe version through stretch goals into something a little more deluxe?

    A: Yes, our first stretch goal, the bullet dice, doubles as a boost to both the base and the deluxe. Once achieved a deluxe copy will come with four bullet dice. Additionally we have plans for some extra bosses. Thanks!"
  • Es arī varētu būt ieinteresēts, bet pa priekšu jāpierunā draudzene. :-D
  • 25 days left and already many strechgoals unlocked and gathered almoust $ 150 000  (from $15 000  needed)
  • Izskatās, ka uz šo 10 cilvēki nesavāksies.
    Katrā ziņā mani no saraksta var ņemt ārā.
  • Žēl...
  • Vēl 10 dienas ir un jau $320k savākti no ieplānotiem $15k

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