Summer 2015 Netrunner Tournament @Brain Games - 25th of September 18:00
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    Time and Date : 25th of September, registration starts at 18:00 and games start at ~18:30

    Participation fee : 4 eur

    Prizes :
    1st place - playmat depicting the Criminal card Tri-maf Contact.
    1st and 2nd place - copy of an alternate art Femme Fatale.
    3rd to 6th place - HaasBioroid deck box.
    Seventeen copies of an alternate art Swordsman divided from top to bottom as evenly as possible.

    Tournament structure : 6 rounds of swiss.

    Important information : No need to bring/send decklists - everyone will check opponents deck for mistakes after first round. Match time 60 minutes. Last legal pack - TBA.
  • Last legal data pack - Old Hollywood
  • Congrats to the winner!
    Maybe a winning decklist Mr. Vilums is willing to share?

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