Netrunner 2015 Store Champ - 6th of June 12:00 @Brain Games
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    Place : Brain Games, Kr.Barona 55, Rīga.

    Time : 12:00, 6th of June

    Participation fee : 6 eur 4 eur

    Prizes :
    1st place gets Store Championship plaque and a first-round bye at a Regional Championship + playmat + CT alt art + deckbox
    2nd-5th place gets playmat + CT alt art + deckbox + 30mm 3D Dinosaurus.
    6th-9th place gets CT alt art + deckbox.
    All other participants get CT alt art.

    Tournament structure: Swiss 5 rounds. Cut to top4.

    Important information: There is no need to send decklist beforehand because each player will check his or her opponent's deck after the first match. Match time 65 minutes. Last legal pack - Breaker Bay.
  • For sure!
  • Yeap, in! Legal packs?
  • Last legal pack - Breaker Bay
  • Most likely will be IN as well. Hope this time as not last :))
  • I found another thing that will awesomely fit into this Champ. Winner will also get a green 30mm Dinosaurus console.


  • Wow, this is PERFECT! :D
  • Would someone be willing to build decks (preferably, relatively straightforward ones) and lend them to me for this? I've played a few games with Justinas, but I don't know nearly enough about the game to try building my own.
  • I can help you out ;)
  • Thanks, that'd be really great!
  • ReiNijs - such a bait! :D Good one, good one - will need to build Shaper deck then - maybe this time will not be a last one.

  • Since I've received info that many guests will arrive to increase our numbers, we are dropping to entry fee to 4 eur ;) 
  • Great news!
    How many participants do we have already?
  • I would like to hope some 18ish :) but then again I am never sure how many of locals will actually make it.
  • Wow, almost last year's Regionals-ish!
  • about regional btw :) our schedules getting busier with every week, maybe you could share at least at idea level when this big event gona happen?dont want to miss that :D tnx in advance
  • Most likely sometime in Autumn so there will be at least 1-2 months notice. Better late than never :)
  • Tnx! 

    Btw Helsinki nationals will be in september, owner of bye from our regional popably would like to use that there :)
  • Then we should hope that we schedule our Regionals before that. I'll try to get an update on what's the situation with our kit.
  • Yeah, we will only get our kit probably in some August.. so idk.
  • Is there anyone willing to lend me 2 copies of D4V1D (Anarch Program from The Spaces Between)? I'd be very thankful.
  • How much of a noob are you allowed to be to not get thrown out the door?
  • I suppose if you are able to say, that you want to play netrunner, you are good to go.
  • Yeah, you need at least to know basic rules.

    I think i can speak for all of us, that we will be forthcoming and help you out. Even in tournament. 

  • And if you don't know basic rules, there's still time to learn them and find someone to show you how the game works in practice before the tournament.
  • Yeah, we are very welcoming to new players and you should not be discouraged if you only have the core set. Also if you know some cards that you would like to use - but don't have yourself - feel free to ask here and you could easily find a new buddy to lend you ;)
  • @Vortegne - Here will be tutorial, so you know at least basic rules - Here . As Reinijs has said - just come. It is always better to participate!

    Is there someone with 2 or 3 core boxes, that is interested to sell off excess cards (like those that are 2 in each core box, example - Heimdall 1.0). Drop me a PM.
  • Sad news, the dino will not be ready for this event :( so the winner will receive it sometime later. Probably within a week or two.
  • This was the most amazing event so far with hitting a new record for player count -18. I feel truly blessed that we have such cool neighbors in both Estonia and Lithuania that came together to form this new megameta of Baltic's. The game level was in my opinion also the highest ever!

    Here are the final results. All three countries are present at top4 and my biggest congratulations goes out to Haralds - I mean the dedication and climb to the top was remarkable. 

  • Well, pic doesn't load for me, but as I figure congratulations to Haralds! :D Well done! 

  • Thanks to everyone, especially Reinis for organising such an amazing event! I hope there are many more to come (and happen at Ludo ;) ). I'm glad I finally got something.
  • Glad to hear, that everybody had such a good time, sad I hadn’t opportunity to participate. High five to Haralds, fist bump to Viļums, thumbs up to our Estonian and Lithuanian colleges.
  • Results after 5 rounds of swiss.
  • I did a faction report for the games.

  • Exile - 70%................... Whaaaat the.....?

  • Diversity is amazing :)
  • Glad to contribute to the hoards of the yellow devils.
  • Congrats Harald!!! Im sure it was worth it - youre only one who played all day non-stop :)
  • Te mazliec cits skats uz Reiņa tabulu. ;)

    Principā Corps sasita Runners šajā turnīrā - tā es no datiem varu izsecināt. Pats kā nekā nespēlēju...
  • Gadījumā, ja kādam ir dati par konkrētām partijām - kurš pret kuru ar kādu frakciju un konkrētu domainu spēlējis, tad varētu arī smukas radaru diagrammas sataisīt.
  • Tikko pamanīju visas diagrammas - so cool!

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