Warhammer 40K: Conquest turnīrs 22.maijs 18:00
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    Laiks un vieta: Brain Games, Kr.Barona 55, 18:00~22:00.
    Struktūra: 4 swiss raundi, raunda limits 50 minūtes. Uzvara pēc punktiem (neizšķirta gadījumā skatās SoS).
    Punkti: uzvara - 5, uzvara pēc laika - 4, neizšķirts - 2, zaudējums pēc laika - 1, zaudējums - 0.

    Dalības maksa: 3eur.

    1.vieta - izvēlas jebkuras divas "draudzīgas" rases un saņem no spēles pamatkomplekta visas šīs rases kārtis + pa vienai no pamatkomplekta neitralajām kārtīm.
    2.vieta - izvēlas jebkuras divas atlikušās "draudzīgas" rases un saņem no spēles pamatkomplekta visas šīs rases kārtis + pa vienai no pamatkomplekta neitralajām kārtīm.
    3.vieta - izvēlas jebkuras divas atlikušās "draudzīgas" rases un saņem no spēles pamatkomplekta visas šīs rases kārtis.
    4.vieta - iegūst atlikušās rases spēles pamatkomplekta visas šīs rases kārtis.
    pārējiem dalībniekiem - kāršu vāciņi pēc izvēles no veikala plauktiem.
  • in, if i could get a deck. :D
  • So, for 3eur you offer 8eur worth sleeves ... hmm

    A long time ago (on it's release) I was looking at this LCG (a big fan of WH40K universe), but haven't had the resources or time to pick it up. How affordable/competitive is Core box alone?

  • In my opinion, single core set isn't very competitive, when stacked against decks who are made from 2+ core sets.
    I'm planning to deckbuild together with friends core set.

    Still, the game is awesome.
  • Not a huge fan of buying 2 core sets, to be honest. Haven't bought 2+ cores in ANR, and do not plan to do that in any other LCG. For me it kills an idea to upgrade decks with expansions or data packs. But I must agree that there are cards that are missed due to this FFG "rules" for core boxes, especially for cards with single copy ...

    Is there some site, where the cards are listed, like for ANR?

  • I don't know how they are listed for ANR. :D

  • Good resource is http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/wh40kconquest/conquest.html

    I would have to agree that a single core set does not offer much in what you can do. Couple of expansions would help or a friend who also has a core set assuming you don't play same factions. That is what me and @jancis are doing - both got a single core - which when combined get's really good, the same goes for buying expansions - you only have to get every 2nd expansion :) so I would really suggest getting into this game with a buddy.
  • Can I borrow these from someone?
    3x Bork’an Recruits (The Scourge)
    1x Carnivore Pack (Core Set)
    1x Gun Drones (Core Set)
    1x Recon Drone (Core Set)
    1x Vash’ya Trailblazer (Core set)
    1x Vior’la Marksman (Core Set)
    1x Ion Rifle (Core Set)
    2x Kauyon Strike (The Scourge)
  • Skatoties uz mūsu pre-season datiem neizskatās, ka Space Marines topā :) Citi gan baigi fano:
  • Nu, negrib atklāt "kārtis" pirms turnīra. :D

    Es paskatīšos, kam vairāk competitive deck varu uztaisīt.
  • Par daudz LCG, par maz naudas :))
  • +1 Pievieno vēl sarakstam klāt laika trūkumu
  • Starp citu, pie kāda gadījumā nav mani rule books? :D
  • Neviens tad nevar man aizdot uz laiku TAU stafu?
  • I'm using some of the Tau stuff from core set myself, and I don't have The Scourge.

    I "might" give you (but I also might use Carnivore Pack and Trailblazer myself)

    1x Carnivore Pack (Core Set)
    1x Gun Drones (Core Set)
    1x Recon Drone (Core Set)
    1x Vash’ya Trailblazer (Core set)

  • Hmm. Ok. Thx. I will think about it. Reinis has been humiliating my Tau deck for the last gazilion games. So I might go back to Orks.
  • Eh .. ANR coming up and money will be moved in that direction, to get some "strength" to my decks. Thus will not have free resources for war in WH40k universe. Reality is cruel :)
  • Kavēšu kādas 10-15 min. 

    Pietaupat kādu pretinieku lūdzu, pirms dodat bye. :D
  • I'll soon successfully forget the match against Reinijs.

    At least till he uploads the video. :D
  • How it went? Any chance to see results table? :)
  • Sorry @Asmeus :)

    ReiNijs > Asmeus > Jancis > Viļums > Mārtiņš > Juris

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