Netrunner Spring Champ - 30th of April 18:00 @Brain Games
  • Hello, Time to set our next event.
    Place : Brain Games, Kr.Barona 55, Rīga.

    Time : 18:00, 30th of April

    Participation fee : 4eur

    Prizes :
    1st place gets Silhouette playmat
    1st and 2nd place gets alternate art Gordian Blade
    3rd-6th place gets Criminal deck boxes
    Then all of the Seventeen alternate art versions of Pop-up Window are distributed as evenly as possible from top to bottom among all players.

    Tournament structure: Swiss 5 rounds. No Cut.

    Important information: There is no need to send decklist beforehand because each player will check his or her opponent's deck after the first match. Match time 65 minutes.
  • Neat, i am in. 
  • I already think I know what I'll be making - Silhouette and one of the Jintekis to match my new mat :)
  • In as well :)
  • In ludo?cool, home, sweet home :) and like Maris said for all of us -ALL IN
  • At last got my boxes (a lot of those), so I would gladly join you guys. :)
  • Congrats to the two proud owners of the gordian! Nice to see that the same top two players are second time the winners of similar event! 
    Means some skill is involved.... right? Must be... right? Right?
    Or... is it luck? :D
  • too bad that i didnt made it, but hope you all had fun.

    what are the results?

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