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  • It's kind of boring that there is a Netrunner thread but not a SW:LCG thread, so this is my attempt at starting one.

    As the first bit of news (which isn't exactly news to people using cardgamedb and such, but probably not everyone does), here are two spoilers for the next pack, Draw Their Fire:
    Rebel set:
    Sith set (and an awesome article to go with it): (That art on Delta One, man. That art.)

    And here's an opportunity to get a pretty sweet-looking, if somewhat costly, playmat from Flip the Force:
  • A question to those who have been playing longer than me - has anyone ever made The Admiral's Assault (Piett's set) work? He looks so great, but then it takes so long to set him up. And even when you do set him up, he only does his magic while attacking, and he isn't even elite! I really want to like him, but is he worth it?
  • While, I have not made it myself. I have played it against it. And Yes, it is hard to set up, but when You do set him up. BOOOM. He is quite hard to fight against. But new cards are coming out all the time. Maybe there is some combination where he works great. Maybe with S&V faction?
  • The admiral surrounded by the bounty hunter scum he so despises. That'd certainly be ironic, if nothing else :D Though, after a quick look at all the current scum sets, I don't really see anything that goes particularly well with Piett. Except, maybe, Jabba's set - the pleasure barge could unfocus him quicker and reversal would let him use the opponent's fate cards, which helps with the long set-up time. By the way, is Jabba's set generally regarded as good or not?
  • haha, all the cuddly fuzzyness. so thematic.
  • Well with it i got one win against Imis Imperial Navy troop deck. Of Course at 1st game he smashed my fuzzy troops. :D
  • Hey, all!

    Is anyone considering that Flip the Force playmat I linked in the first post? I just got an international shipping quote - apparently, it's 18$ to ship one mat, and then +7$ for each extra. That's a bit pricey if I'm the only one getting one, but combined shipping is better. Anyone interested?
  • And a new spoiler for Draw Their Fire - this time it's Jedi:

    Now, I haven't built any BtS-Jedi decks yet due to not having BtS, and thus I'm not sure how well this will find a place in decks, but my general impression is WHAT THE HELL, JEDI DO NOT NEED THIS!!! This cycle should've been about ramping up Rebels and Navy to properly competitive levels, and then they give Jedi this thing. Still, Jedi fans will probably be excited.
  • And here's the last not-yet-seen set, Navy:

    The pilot looks pretty neat, but apart from that this looks like the least exciting set from this pack. Guess Navy won't be competitive any earlier than when Thrawn arrives...
  • Survivors looks awesome! Love the artwork!

    Not so thrilled with Guarding the Wing :)

    That's how Chewie looks when he shaves all his fur and goes full Force. :D

    And Guarding the Wing, will give some serious boost to Imperial Fighter deck
  • Hey, would anyone like to play some Star Wars with me on Saturday morning?
  • Great news: as part of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim that's been going on for the past few days, FFG announced the next deluxe box, and it's called Imperial Entanglements! I sure hope Navy finally gets its due!

  • So, I just got Ready for Takeoff a few days ago, and today me and Justinas played several games to test what this pack brings to the table, and I'd like to share some impressions.

    First, here's my dark side pilot deck:
    2x Black Squadron Assault - for the pilot and Black Squadron synergy
    2x Black Squadron Formation
    2x Defense Protocol - for the attack squadron, twist and tallon roll
    2x Imperial Command - for Motti and orbital bombardment
    2x The Empire's Elite

    Played four games with it, and am very impressed with both new sets! The 181st interceptors are really awesome with their 3 health and they're a huge help with the Force (though Jedi, naturally, still take it easily if they want to), and Baron Fel is as great as he looks! And then the Sith set - whoa. "Mauler" is amazing beyond words if the opponent doesn't have tactics (sure, not a common occurence, but it can happen), and Black Two is exactly what TIE decks needed. If only it wasn't unique...
    Sadly, the rest of the deck doesn't deliver the same level of amazing - sure, the BSA objective is great once you have a few extra resource cards out and the pilot is great, but the rest of the set doesn't quite hold up. In a deck like this, Vader's TIE is a particular letdown. Not using it as anything other than an edge card anymore. The stormtroopers from Imperial Command were also more of a hindrance than help. But these problems will probably be solved as we get further in the cycle, by not having to use these core sets anymore.

    And a light side pilot deck as well:
    2x A Hero's Resolve - pilot Luke, general edge battle help
    2x Attack Pattern Delta - for the great swarm-style objective
    1x Draw Their Fire - for Ackbar and the X-Wing Escort
    2x Hoth Operations - Wedge, Rogue 3
    2x Rogue Squadron Assault
    2x The Defense of Yavin 4 - cheap ships for APD, astromech for Rogue 3

    Played three games, and am a little bit less impressed with the new rebel pack than with the dark side ones. Though that's probably because there was one new set here and two of them in the dark side deck. But this didn't feel like quite enough of a pilot deck, but rather a speeder one. The Rogue Squadron X-Wings definitely have potential, and their 3 health is great too, but with three unique pilots in a deck and no non-uniques, there weren't quite enough opportunities for me to use their ability in practice. Definitely need more rebel sets from incoming packs.

    Didn't get the chance to test the smuggler and scum sets yet - I can't figure out a good enough use for new Lando, and I was quite certain Justinas wouldn't be playing light side vehicles, so Niles wouldn't get to shine either.

    Anyone else tried the new pack yet and have some impressions to share?
  • It was FUN, FUN, FUN! Thanks for the games!
  • Would there be anyone interested in trying SW out in 2x2 format? Has anyone tried it? More/less fun?
  • I'd be game for trying it sometime. Maybe at the next event? (speaking of the next event, Jāni, do you have an idea when that could be?)
  • Hmm. If evenings are still fine, I would suggest 1st of May? Or maybe 8th? May the 4th would be great, but next day is a work day.
  • The 1st and 8th both work perfectly for me. The 4th, sadly, doesn't.
  • The earlier the event is announced the worse it is for me. Due to that May 8th is the only viable day for me out of those mentioned.
  • And we're getting spoilers for Evasive Maneuvers! Looks like we can now try building a Rebel capital ship deck, which sounds awesome! :)
  • sweet sweet ride.
  • But really, I do have to agree with the guy who wrote that, that resupply depot is the best card in the set. Imagine how well it goes with the Rogue Squadron X-Wing or anything piloted by Wedge (or, for extra pain, a Rogue Squadron X-Wing piloted by Wedge :D )
  • Jāni, how about an official announcement for the next event? ;)

    Arvils, seems like you will be able to assemble a dedicated Wookie deck along side your Ewok's deck
  • Hell, not i only will make wookie deck. I look more at Malakali and Some nasty DS creatures. Or at awesome Tarkin Objective. Pure Navy will be a blast.

    (yes, this really is worthy of that many exclamation points :D )

    Every single card in this preview is absolutely amazing! And when I saw that I will be able to play Decimators, which is the most awesome ship in the entirety of Star Wars, I feel like dancing for joy! ^_^

    And then of course there's new Tarkin, who looks as good as Thrawn. Playing those two side by side is my new dream. And all of Tarkin's set, too.
    And new Chewie and that enhancement - I have a feeling 1 core set's worth of shield tokens may not be enough any more :D
  • And that's why they made sure you buy 2nd core set. :D

    For exactly this Deluxe expansion. :D
  • I dunno, I'm actually not all that excited for this Sith set. Antinnis (who is he, anyway?) effectively does nothing with his reaction unless you have his objective out, the troopers are pretty bland (not useless, but they don't look exciting in any way), the enhancement is overpriced (it'd be okay if it didn't require you to focus it to use the effect)... Really, the only card I really like here is the event - because it can cancel anything but combat icons. But I don't really see what deck I'd put this in.
  • It will find it's place, probably i will come up with something wierd with this objective. Probably would put it as my 11th objective set. But i could be wrong and choose something else instead.

    But time will tell, maybe some other sets will come out that will make This Sith one shine.


    Jolly - Ho, Batman.

    Antinnis was Vaders apprentice at some point. Didnt knew that one.
  • Apart from the fact that Antinnis is unknown to me, discarding stuff from opponent might mess up their plans (probably better chances in that if Antinnis is defender).
    But as I am yet to play Scum and their capturing cards thing-y, my opinion is not credible :)
  • He might mess up their plans. Or, with equal probability, he could give them the exact missing piece to their plans. I can see wanting to use him when I know what's in my opponent's hand, but there are few effects for that. Official Inquiry for Sith, Zuckuss or Jabba's Orders for Scum and all kinds of 'return to owner's hand' effects, and that's pretty much it.

    Though, people on cardgamedb are discussing potential alternate win conditions (or they were, until the official annoucement for Imperial Entanglements), and one idea they had was that milling would be cool. And I think I can see Antinnis working well if that's what you're going for.
  • Aside from that. Deluxe's ART WORK IS AMAZING! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Love the Smugglers set. Sabacc Shift..... beautifully drawn... Not so crazy about new Tarkin but anyways...
  • Well, that's the reason i bought SW in first place. :D
  • Here's information about a rather important ruling concerning pilots: (here's hoping FFG put a new FAQ out soon and add it there)

    In essence, this means that Stay on Target can no longer put Rookie Pilot out as a Pilot enhancement because nothing about Rookie Pilot allows it to enhance anything, and it can only put Wedge, Hoth Luke and Black Squadron Pilot  on Fighter or Speeder (for Wedge and Luke) units (well, technically it can place any of them, including Rookie Pilot, on any vehicle, but they'll just be discarded immediately after you do that - because their game text doesn't include "Enhance a Vehicle unit.").
  • Ok, so. Sadly I wont be able to organize the tournament this Friday. Kids and I are going to make a gift for our mum for mothers day. And Friday is the only time she is out. BUT what about 15.05? Can You people make it? Other date is 05.06. Which of these dates work for You?
  • 15.05 is good for me.
    05.06 is too far :D
  • 15.05 for me aint so good.
    05.06, looks more promising. :D
  • Why not both? :D
  • It kā jau der abi datumi, bet labāk patīk 15.05.
  • So right now it looks like 15.05 because Arvils cant make it. He he he.
  • I could allow this momentarium hope to arise, so later i could crush you all.  MUAHAHAHAHA


    Dammit, i start to sound like a bad guy.
  • Are Darths supposed to not sound like bad guys?
  • Hey all!

    Remember that time I made that mistaken announcement about a regionals in Vilnius? I'm back with another one, except this one is legit :D This time it's in Stockholm on June 5. Entry fee is "about 15€". I'm not yet sure about what time they're starting the event, but I think it'd be pretty cool to go. Just have to check how that aligns with the ferry schedule, and how much the ferry costs.

    Anyone else interested and available? Myself, I'm very much interested, and should be available, provided my master's thesis defense doesn't happen to be on the 5th (though, of course, that's only a concern if I manage to finish it at all :D ).
  • Wow, thats nice! But I dont think I can make on Friday, if only it was a weekend day..
  • So, tomorrow is on, right? Jāni, what's the entry fee?

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