Netrunner LCG Winter Tournament, 21st of February 12:00 @Dreamforge Latvia
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    Time : 12:00 21st of February

    Participation fee : 4eur

    Prizes :
    1st place gets to pick either Data Token Acrylic Set from Team Covenant or Playmat depicting art from the card Freelancer.
    2nd place gets what the 1st place did not pick
    1st and 2nd place also gets Alternate art versions of Weyland: Building a Better World
    3rd-6th place get Weyland deck boxes
    Then all of the Seventeen alternate art versions of Plascrete Carapace are distributed as evenly as possible from top to bottom among all players.

    Tournament structure : 5 rounds of swiss and then we cut to top 4.

    Important informationThere is no need to send decklist beforehand because each player will check his or her opponent's deck after the first match. Match time 65 minutes. Those playing in our League also need to count this as the last League event so all your wins/loses and achievements if any needs to be noted ;)
  • should we confirm our participation?im in :) good planing :D
  • All in :)
  • it would be nice to know in advance who is coming, but its not mandatory to signup.
  • Are we expecting guys from neighbouring countries?
  • yes we are :) its going to be another amazing event
  • I'm in too! However, it'd help to know how popular / how played Noise is at the moment :D Could anyone help with that, please?
  • He is around :)
  • Most definitely :D
  • If someone's getting early copy of O&C, you should be worrying about anarchs in general not only Noise
  • hey, but what about tourn.kit with Wylside, that left also?
  • Actually, it is expected to be released around the 28th of January... Hype all the way. I don't expect I will be playing other factions in a long, long time as I have absolutely fallen in love with the Destructoids (sounds like a band name).
  • Yes, we still have this in stock waiting to be played.. dunno when thou :)
  • cool, but im waiting for those alt wylside for deck :)
  • Here is the approximate timing for the event. Depending if some rounds finish faster - it will move faster; and if there are any delays which there should not be - it will move slower.

  • There is also a possibility that finale will be 2 games, if 1st is won by the underdog from looser's bracket. It's double elimination ftw!
  • It's league TOP4 or tournament TOP4?
  • Love the end time at Metenis :D
  • @Maaris, it's tournament TOP4 double elimination for this small event :) long time no had any excessive netrunning. For league we will arrange this another day.

    @LTU, well that's the official end for that event :P dunno how strict they are sticking to it but either way we can find a place to hang on Saturday. This time I won't be already hungover :D
  • btw  i would like to change my weyland box for plascrete if someone is interested :)
  • Try asking Justinas, he's got one ;)
  • By the way, who's the champ?
  • Thanks to Reinis for organizing the event! Who da winna?
  • thanks for the tournament, who won?

    and when the next one will be? ;D
  • Results after 5 rounds of swiss.


    As for total winner, I will make a scan of the bracket tomorrow :) so I'll keep you in suspense for a while longer.
  • Grats for the home win! At least in the swiss rounds :)
  • Tnx for netrunning this ReiNijs :) keep posting about when next kit will be played out ;)
  • Some fun statistics for factions and IDs from the event.

  • wow, nice!!! Dima and Alex had long night :D

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