Netrunner Riga 2014 Winter League
  • This season will last from December 2014 till February 2015. That is 3 months during which we will have 6 scheduled events. Entry is free. Each league event will have a set time and place. During this event you will be awarded League Points for every game.
    Lose = 1 pt
    Win = 2 pts
    Achievement = 5 pts / 10 pts
    For achievement and game tracking you can print out the spreadsheets, but I'll also bring some with me for every event. There is no time limit for games. However, you are expected to play with your best intentions - try not to slowplay and you will be able to get more points, but also don't lose intentionally just to gather more points faster.
    All cards that have been released are legal for play; also you can use proxy cards as long as they are sleeved and do not hinder the gameplay.
    At the end of the season we tally all points to see the final ranking and then we use this ranking as order for picking our prizes. The prize pool will be core set singles and doubles (taken from draft sets) - I still don't know how much, but I'll have the list as soon as everyone returns their draft cards.
    The top 4 players will also battle out in a double elimination mini tournament to see who brings home a set of TC tokens.
    1st event will be 3rd of December at Dreamforge - starting from 18:00 until the closing time.

  • I think I might not be able to participate, as the last two months will be full of stress, but if I did play, I would choose the 3rd scenario (C).
  • sounds very good!!! im in!
    definitely i wanna try this!!!

    Best Scenario is B, but cause its will be unpredictable time NOV-DEC - u can get cold, holidays and tc, i like Scenario A, to see what this league is made off, and have more fun of it! Definitely not C - its looks like playing on money..

    But if its possible to comment more:
    Best thing is Achievements, and one thing im scared of - Achievements - i duno how much there will be them(i wish there will be a lot of them,more than 10), for example we have 10ach and 6 weeks- it will be hard to achieve all of them with ONE deck, but you will want to do that, so its leading me to weekly deckbuilding what will be maybe quite hard for family guys :) what i wanna to propose - 3-6month league season, a lot of achievements)

    Also winner could be not who won most, but who achieved most?so win that  who not played most, but who played more innovative?

    Scenario D - free, but winner gets one free participation in Store Championship?
  • I'd like to go for A Scenario. The same thing Romas said: To check how we do and do it for fun at the beggining. :)
  • Ok, you convinced me about A.. but I'll still try to sponsor something for the winner, I don't like events without prizes :D
  • Take scenario D :D
  • Can we suggest Achievements for the league too?
  • Yes. Please do.
  • Choose your own destiny - Show runner that you can win with 7+ agendas or flatline him (at the same turn) ??

    Dunno tought it might be awesome one: How do you want to loose? Score or Flatline? :D
  • I wanted to
    suggest some Caissa related Achievement. Something like „win with at least 3 Caissa
    programs installed” or „win with at least 6 Caisa programs in the deck”
  • Win as Jinteki without doing net damage :)
    Win as runner without account siphon.
  • Win with the Core sets or Delux expansions preconstructed deck
  • win 7p beale)
    win without using Inf)
    Win with NBN dealing NET damage)
    Win by scoring all agendas from hand
    Win by not installing any single ice
    Win with Snake deck, Dog deck, Animal Deck
    Win with neutral cards/ice only

    Also some for installing / scoring or rezzing very hard stuff - Monolith, Blackguard, Mandatory Upgrade, Theophilius Bagbitte, Bug, Ginger Bread
  • Win by milling the corp.
    Win by having istalled 4(3) different faction cards.
    Win by not installing a single ice(breaker).
    Finish the game with X amount of credits (servers, resources, assets etc.)
    When You win have exactly X cards in Your hand.
    Finish the game with all cards installed not from Your faction.
    Win by making only 10 runs during the game.
    Win on Your 2nd (3rd) turn.
    These are just from the top of my head. I will try to come up with more.

  • Need also LOSE achievemnts) but cant figure it which..
  • Well in those that start with "finish" does not mean that You have to win to accomplish it.
  • :D i got too weak coffee to get it, tnx) good point ;)
  • Updated the 1st post with final setup. Have fun.
  • Perfect! Well done! Tnx!!

    will there be not wednesday play nights?can I get point in free play during a week?

    Btw when will play out summer kit and winter kit also?
  • Currently the plan is to have 3-4 Wednesdays and 3-2 Saturdays respectively. Only in these events you will get points so it's crucial that we all try to come up with the most favorable dates for everyone to gather at once to really have organized play. 

    We might throw in another ANR event in the middle of this, but atm it's not yet planned. 
  • Wait... if it's free then who pays for the prizes? Even though I'm personally in favor of free of charge events, I don't think that the organizer should cover the costs of the prizes just because he enjoys the game and he's the organizer. 
  • that's bad, cause I can't make free Wednesday's and Saturdays on regular I'm out before I start, lol :D some other eve then Wednesday would be greath, Friday,monday, Tuesday, and Sunday's)

    Spēlmans, u can join to cover the cost :D it would be then donation-fee League, it's free but donation is appreciated, lol
  • We are happy to sponsor as much as we can and lucky for you this will be one of the times :) one way you can support us back is simply by buying data packs or other games from Brain Games store.
  • Romas, they don't have to be on regular bases :) it will be just 1 Wednesday per month and 1 Saturday per month - also you are not required to show up on all 6 events. Even if you can make it just one day in these 3 months that will be fine to be eligible for the prizes and also think of all the fun cool decks you could play against ;) I am certain it's worth some trouble in rescheduling your time. Hope to see you there and see what you bring yourself to the table.
  • good luck everyone ;)
  • What a great, great event! Really enjoyed it after 5 beers :D Please fill out your sheets
  • Next league day is 17th December 18:00 at Dreamforge!
  • Yes, 5 beers were a side effect!
    Yesterday was awesome! :) Nice to have more and more people joining.
  • no saturdays?
  • this month, no - it would be too tough to schedule with all the holidays. but we will have some saturdays in future.
  • Yea, Wednesdays getting better and better! Everybody who wasn't there, make your best to come next time!
  • Sure will try.
  • And please make sure you succeed in trying :)
  • Uldis and Justinas, we are still missing your report ;) here
  • Yes, will try to do it sometime soon.. ;)
  • Hey guys, I recently bought the Android Netrunner and need some help learning how to play it properly. Is it possible to play with someone during this or next week? Or during the weekend? Thanks! :)
  •  Maybe you want to join our semiofficial weekly netrunner night at Dreamforge caffe/gameshop tomorrow evening? I can bring my own teaching decks with me and walk you thru some games :)
  • Maaris, Dreamforge caffe? :D
  • OK Justinas, I admit, that pub/gamecellar is a more accurate description :)
  • I am actually free today and tomorrow in the evening for some ANR. Anyone interested?
  • Yesterday was FUN, FUN, FUN!
  • Yeah, another amazing event! The biggest respect for our neighborly Lithuanians who decided to make a surprise visit from Kaunas. Hope to meet you all again in future events either in Riga or at your home turf :)
  • Didn't realize, that our league is that popular :)

  • Soon enough we'll be able to call it Baltic League
  • Next league event 07.01.2015 by popular choice. Happy new year!
  • cmon.., so last 3 meetings will be saturdays?
  • might as well be
  • might as well not?

    it will be just 1 Wednesday per month and 1 Saturday per month?
  • Current thought is to make the other January league day combine with a FFG Kit tournament (full saturday) with regular swiss pairings and LT + EE guests maybe. Probably not many will dare to bring experimental achiev decks for this but still there could at least be some new ideas maybe. Then again proxies and deck change in between games would be of question.. maybe a sideboard? :D or this would get too complicated and thus not as fun. Maybe regular swiss like usually only with +pts for achievs (if you manage) and wins/loses.
  • last one sounds more logical :D

  • Can you announce FFG Kit Tournament as early as possible? Maybe have it even in February?

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