Star Wars: Imperial Assault
  • I'd really like to try this game out!
    Are there any chances that there will be a spare copy of this game for a demo match at the store? Or perhaps someone is already planning some game night with this in near future?
  • When this comes out. I will organize an Event.
  • It's at least 4-5 months till release, right?
  • Sadly, yes.
  • i'm in for event. :D
  • 4-5 month?!?!?! Whaaaaat?
    It wont come till Xmas for sure??
  • Yep.

    FFG : "Expected by:  Q1 2015"
  • It so that you have time to open savings account till they launch Imperial Assault and Armada simultaneously. :D
  • yeap, you can save for bouth of 'em. :D
  • The starters are more or less "OK". But since its FFG, you can just see those gazillion expansions for both in the horizon. And Imperial Assault even announced new expansions yesterday...
  • Armada's starter costs so much, it better be playable just with starter. :D

    (X-Wing starter with 1 X-Wing vs 2 Tie's wasn't exactly excellent gameplay)

    For Imperial Assault I think all the announced expansions are mainly for 1 v 1 play.
    Similar to X-Wing's expansions.

    They aren't really adding much experience to the game like Descent Lieutenant packs.

    Doesn't lessen the pain for "completionists" anyway. :)
  • Im just too scared to even look at Armada from the money perspective. I agree that X-Wing starter was not enough to fully appreciate the game, but with the expansions that are coming out now, it just kills the flavor for me. All those ships not present in the actual movies - no fun.

    So those Imperial Assault expansions will be for skirmish missions only?

    Descent is something I have never played, just heard. So I guess with IA it would be a great way to explore this game genre.

  • X-Wings flavor - same for me.
    I've decided to get some more "original" ships like bombers, maybe something other, and the finish.
    Game is still awesome to be played at home  with maximum fleets for fun without collecting everything.

    Ally/Villain packs are necessary for competitive play. (Like for X-Wing, there is always some strong card or something else in expansions), however they will add bonus missions for campaign mode. Maybe stand alone scenario.

    It's just their price... if similar to Descent's lieutenants, you buy base game for 100$, then all the ally/villain packs will cost like another game, if you aren't playing competitively, all you get is some side scenarios during main campaign, and miniatures instead of tokens for some main characters.
    Not worth paying that much, for so little gain.

    For Descent I felt like spending all that $ gave less than 5% additional content.

    Still, Descent is very excellent game if playing campaign mode.
    I'm buying Imperial Assault, hoping, base game will deliver same or more content as Descent base.
    (I think we have played total 3 base campaigns for about ~90 hours).
    While being superior in gameplay mechanics. I'll pass skirmish, unless it will be much better than I think it will be.
  • Yeah, I feel what you are saying. Thanks for your information.

    Jeeez, I just looked at Descent, so much expansions and other money sucking things, its unbearable! Its just a real downer for me, since I know that if I started to play the started, I'd need ALL OF THEM and its just impossible....
  • Well, I was the same, but Descent forced me to change (or bankrupt. :D)
    I don't feel like buying latest small box expansion, since all it contains is additional heroes (players allready have 16-20 heroes to choose from), additional monsters (I have my favorite monsters, rarely use others), additional scenarios for campaign (it will add 3 scenarios to side scenario pool from which only 3 are taken, I allready have ~10 side scenarios), additional Items (big box expansions add decent selection by themselves).

    Each additional expansion adds less and less % of content.

    For Imperial Assault I know I'll get Base game + Big box expansions. (If system similar to Descent)
    All other will be heavily evaluated whether it's worth it.

    You just have to learn to ignore all the additional little things FFG are producing.
    If they weren't released, games still would be excellent. (Only thing I think that is small impact - big box expansions come with cardboard tokens for boss enemies, while you can buy plastic miniature instead.)

    I played first campaign with only cardboard tokens, it was excellent.
    Now they released lieutenants and game suddenly felt less excellent. Just have to learn to ignore that. :)
  • Imperial assault is on Ship

    estimate time Q4 2014

    Yaay and darn.

  • You could get IA in Essen for 100 EUR. I mean jeez. That is the price to get to play it sooner then anyone else.
  • Well, the price listed in the FFG web store is 100$, so it's probably not going to get any cheaper than that after release anyway.
  • Well in Ludo its going to be 76.50.
  • Oh. And here I'd already decided it would be way too expensive for me and so I'd pass.

    My bank account hates you right now.
  • Well, we can start to get to know rules and other stuff for thy game. :D

  • Any demo night with this in the near future? :)
  • Any plans for some kinda tournament?

    Haven't tried 1v1 yet. 
  • Does anyone actually already own it?

    Janis, do you still plan some kind of demo/event in near future?
  • I do. But alas, time is scarce right now. So I have no idea when that could happen.
  • Any hopes for this one any time this year?
  • I understood, that there might be a tournament in near future.
  • Yes there will be, but It is going to be the skirmish one. Not the story driven one.
  • Any estimate about the dates?
    And do you have some kinda tournament kit for this one also? 

    Started to prepare. :D


  • Janis, any thoughts of having this tournament in near future? :D

    Lithuanians are having their first tournament this sunday by the way.
    If anyone is interested maybe attending in their future events, their facebook group:

    I suppose we should try to find all the IA players and poll for suitable date.
  • I have the game, but i have very little practice in Skirmish. I would be interested in .. practicing more :D and participating in tournaments.. for fame and glory and money :D

    Nerfs unlike anything I have seen previously in FFG games.

    While X-Wing sometimes has some cards with added/removed 1-2 words.
    Here there are heavily changed abilities. :(

    I understand the reasoning perfectly, but you almost need to print proxies to play properly.
  • And here I thought SWLCG had it bad with tons of errata, but really it's got nothing on this.
  • Also interesting news - 

    "Return to Hoth" expansion introduces 4 player skirmish rules. Either free for all or 2v2 team play.

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