Android (board game, 2008)
  • Android (
    One other game I'd like to try out some time in the future. Does anyone play it or have played it? Perhaps would be willing to share the experience? :)
  • I am also interested in this :) however, so far I've only heard not good impressions.
  • I'd like to try it as well, if someone showed up with a copy.
  • Have played it, not quite done for my taste

    Needs a group of people who are good story tellers. Without good story telling can seem to be quite boring. Know a guy who had it, maybe still does, if interest is high could ask him to lend it or to put up a game session.

  • I played it twice.
    After first time was not too impressed, but I liked it after the second play.

    A friend of mine has it and is keen on playing again (we played it 2 years ago), but we can't seem to free the time.

    I must say that some mechanics seem detached from the theme and purpose they serve story-wise and it was a bit hard to put all the bits together during first time, but on the second play it kinda worked better and left a positive after-taste.

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