Netrunner LCG Regionals, 1st of November 12:00 @Dreamforge Latvia
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    Time : 12:00

    Participation fee : 10eur // 7.5eur if we are more than 20 // 5eur if we are more than 30.

    Tournament structure : 4 rounds and then we cut to top 4 if participant count <16, otherwise 5 rounds and cut to top 8.

    Important informationThere is no need to send decklist beforehand because each player will check his or her opponent's deck after first match. Match time 65 minutes. Cards are legal up to and including First Contact data pack! Players are required to submit a deck list for each of their decks in order to enter a competitive or premier event. Please send your decklists until and including 29th of October to our official TO
  • O! Daudz laika vēl, pierakstīšos :>
  • Thats a little pricey :) But I'm in!
  • We might lower the entry fee as we don't try to profit anything on this event, but simply cover the kit costs! If we are at least 30 we will make entry fee 5 eur. If we are at least 20, we will make entry fee 7.50 eur. 

    The only way this can probably happen is if our dear neighbors from Estonia, Lithuania, Finland join in. Let's hope they do! Also encourage all your friends who might be at least somewhat interested - this really will be an amazing experience for all!
  • so this means just 7 attendats for now? :)
  • I have a gut feeling its gonna be big
  • I know that some from EE will be joining and some from LT. Knowing that LV will probably be more than 10+ I think we will easily reach 20+ at least I hope so.
  • ... its gonna be BIG... really BIG... like Chronos BIG :D
  • bigger :D
  • You can count me in as well.
  • Just so you know - cards are legal up to and including First Contact data pack!
  • Awesome, but is there any other data pack? 
  • What do you mean? First Contact is the 3rd pack of the Lunar cycle - so there are many packs before that :) and idk the release schedule but there might as well be another one out until first November for all I care - still any other packs that might come or not will not be legit to play in our tournament. 
  • What I meant was that this is the latest pack. So it seemed pretty obvious to have it included. Doubt that there will be other release before the regionals, but you are right, you never know how it is with their speed of production these days
  • next will be released 17.october, and i guess tournament rules says evrything what is released before tournament day is legal for that?was it ike this? :)
  • North America only has this rule because they have a set release date. Any other regions and countries don't have such official releases as the packs are usually imported from allover the place. So we will keep as previously mentioned - only cards up to and including First Contact. 
  • ok, np, i got it ;) i dont think will get 4th DP till 1.nov anyway :)
  • Important update: as per Premier tournament rules "Players are required to submit a deck list for each of their decks in order to enter a competitive or premier event." please send your decklists until and including 29th of October to our official TO
  • Tā kā izskatās, ka arī esmu ievilkts šajā sektā, droši vien piedalos.
  • Welcome to the club!!!
  • A friendly reminder for everyone coming to Riga Regionals on 1st of November - please send your decklists to until and including 29th of October to , on other note - I just saw the special artwork Liiga Smilshkalne has done for participation prizes that everyone will receive. It looks amazing, sorry - no spoilers :P
  • Good luck everyone :)
  • Romas, I hope you are joining?!
    Reinijs, can you make public at least number of players who sent their decks? Damn curious :D
  •  Damn curious :D +1

    Yes, ill be there!
    Dont forgeth to take your moneys :D
  • 21 so far. Maybe someone had forgot to send decklist so I'll remind everyone again. Still this seems like a great turnout and also the participation fee means will be lower ;)
  • Would be cool if there was any way to know if you've been registered.
  • I'll ask the guy to make the list of names.
  • The list of signed up netrunners
  • Now that the list is public, you can publish the decks too :D

    But thats a damn solid number of people participating! Awesome!
  • You wish :) decks are only seen by the TO who is not participating in the tournament.
  • Good luck, have fun!
  • Thank you for organizing this awesome event! Hope to see the final schedule some time later! :) Thanks everyone for participating!
  • And by the way, I checked that. There are 17 cards published with Liiga's artwork on them. And 3 cards still waiting to come out in the "All That Remains" Data Pack.
  • Yes, indeed! It was great! Thanks for organising! 
  • Sooooo, what were the results?!
  • Here are the rankings after 5 rounds of swiss.


    And here is the faction breakdown.

  • I will scan and post the finals brackets tomorrow, but just so you know the winner was Arto Heinonen - congratulations  \m/
  • wow, u already posted) i didnt make it in time by myself)
    can u copy my Silhoutte, ill delete my post so u can put all deck together?
  • No need to delete your's, I just wanted to show off the top decks to everyone and it's done now :)
  • ok, it's updated now :)
  • tnx!!!)

    its interesting how everything ended up with Top4 - during all day i thought that Arto, Reinijs and Luca is most interesting players and decks against who i could play and all them now in Top4, against Arto played twice, Reinijs 3times?, and against Luca 3 times aswell..

    i where so overdosed/overexcited (and in the same time over-exausted in good meaning, i think like many of you) with netrunner, that couldnt sleep for 2h aft get home, got ANR in dreams and woke up randomly few hours earlier..
    so my question is: WHEN IS NEXT ANR COMPETIVE GAMES? :D
  • When I got home I slept like dead for 11 hours :D but now when I am browsing through the videos I cannot wait to see all the games again and do commentary - we will probably push these ahead of other videos.
  • seems i was only one who played non-stop all day)

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