Netrunner Draft Tournament September-October
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    The matches you are able to set up with each other at your convenience, but we will also set LCG Evenings to meet and play.

    The Tournament structure and prizes.

    1. We do the draft at Dreamforge. Those who had already bought Starter don't need to buy it again, but others will have to do that for 3 EUR. The drafted cards you will give back after the tournament so you won't have to buy Corp and Runner packs, but there will still be 2 EUR entry fee to cover other cool prizes. 

    2. We build our decks and play with each other. The tournament will stay open till end of October and during this time you can schedule a match against anyone from the draft. Before you play - agree if this will be a ranked game or just for fun. You can have only 1 ranked match against same opponent. Winner of each game gets 3pts, loser gets 1pt, but there is no tie as the games are not limited by time. I am underlining the terms match and game, because each match has two games - one as Corp one as Runner. 

    1st place = Team Covenant tokens + cool stuff,
    2nd place = cool stuff,
    3rd place = other cool stuff,
    4th and lower = other participation awards. 

    The cool stuff can include tokens, sleeves and all kind of interesting swag we bring back from Essen Spiel 2014 or which comes from various FFG Game Night kits or some other source. 

  • I've updated my doodle with weekends. Romas, no chance for you to make on Tuesday? Since Monday is very, very hard for me.
  • LTU, don't mix up the days.. there is no option for Tuesday! It's Wednesday. 
  • Tuesday is ok, but indeed there is Wednesday - its impossible for me to make it. (you just have - 'hard to make it' option :) lets see what time will show..
  • Yes, I had Wednesday in mind. Lets see how it goes with further doodling :)
  • Another question, from experience, how long does it take to draft? Its set to 1h30min in the doodle is it an estimate? Maximum? Minimum? Average?
  • You have to draft 40+40 cards. Let's say on each hand you view there is an average of 30 seconds. So it should take only like 40 minutes, but I am pretty sure it won't be faster than 1 hour :) still we should encourage everyone to keep a fast pace and I hope we can make it in like 1 hour. 
  • Closing the poll and the Draft day is decided as Monday the 15th at 18:00
    We still need to agree on a place, but as mentioned before it will either be Dreamforge's new place or Ludo store. 
  • Ludo is sweet place ;) just duno, do u have space there now?
  • We will figure something out ;)
  • I am pretty sure we will be able to host the Draft Event in Ludo (behind the wall), but Id like to know in advance how many people will attend :) I see from doodle that 6/7 could attend this day and I hope Justinas will find a way and also all others who are interested but did not put their names in poll.
  • Wait, on the other side of the Wall? :0 Aren't mammoths, giants, shadowcats, direwolves and wildlings there? Not even speaking about the Others!
  • Hehe, there shall not be only That, but Corporation and Runner Secrets aswell. *Insert evil laugh here*
  • we going straight to HQ :D izdibinasim visus secret par Others :) redzesim failu atvilknes pilnas ar ledus pakam pa virsu uz dokiem, lai pasargatu no runneriem *evil laugh work here also*

    tikai tadel jau ir verts atnakt :) skaties Reini, uz tadu aicinajumu atnaks vairak cilveku neka speletaju :D
  • Es arī visticamāk piedalīšos.
  • We are not going to host the draft in Ludo afterall.. the place behind the wall is still too much of a mess :D but our friends from Dreamforge are very welcoming and we will do it there! 

    New coordinates are Lāčplēša and Čaka corner!
  • Postponed to 18:30
  • I've made a spreadsheet for result recording and also with some informational overview.
  • - You need permission, google said :)
  • Right, forgot :) fixed now.
  • REMINDER: Bring sleeves and deck boxes for your cards!
  • No Free Sleeves and deck boxes?

    Darn. There goes my free stuff. :D
  • Sad, ain't it?
  • meh, will hit ludo, before Draft to buy some sleeves. :D
  • Are you excited for today? I am and you should also be :D
    I hope we will have a good turnout so that we can make a ton of ranked games.
  • cant wait too! i hope my 1st opp can stay to play 1st match!
  • Unfortunately I can't make it today :( 

    Enjoy yourselves!
  • so, my deck are ready, and i can play at 16.sep, tuesday, im ready aft 16:00! this friday and next from sunday till tuesday eve will be free for draft match. So who want to play match with me?
  • Its a shame I couldn't join. How was it? How many participated?
  • how many we are?6? 7! 3 new players joined us! Never thought this decks can be competive :) cant wait to play with them
  • Next organized all-around Netrunner meetup is scheduled on Saturday 12:00 at Dreamforge. I hope to play many ranked draft games and preferably also normal games :)

    Another invitation from me would be to join tomorrow at Spīķeri - Dārzs as I'll be running the weekly game evening, but that also means mostly I'll be busy explaining different games. Still sometime during the end I might also free up for some Netrunner :D
  • Nice! 7 thats already a gang! :D
    So cool that the community is growing! Maybe we can have some forum some day
  • will be banned by FFG ;)

    i might join at DF aft 14:00
  • in fact, i just realised that there is no problem to draft for someone who didnt make it..just i will know ur cards thats it, but u will participate
  • How do you mean? Lending someone your draft decks? That would not work well as I believe like 50% of the whole shabang is to pick out some cards on the fly and that requires the persons involvement. 
  • no, not lending, but drafting for 2 people - for urself and someone else?just may work out with someone who u trust to pick up cards for u :)
  • Hah :) another solution would be if there are now some 4+ people that could do another draft event. We have the packs for it. Janis, Imants, Māris, Justinas did not make this event, but the time is plenty for games and so it seems like a good plan if they are up for it.
  • Here is the link to arrange the time for 2nd draft event for those who missed the first so I hope you will make it!
  • Thanks for doing this Reinis.
  • i can support them also :D i can draft one more time :)
  • +1 for the idea. :)
  • Wow! Excellent idea! Thanks to Romas for inspiring Reinis :D

    Just doodled.
  • Now just wait for Māris to doodle. :D
  • I hope Haralds might also find the time :) and I also asked Darja and Fabrizio, but idk if any of them are in LV atm. I might also try to ask some other people who have played ANR in some previous tournaments.
  • dūdldī-dūdldā
  • Darn, if there was just one Friday... 
  • ..there will be a lot of Fridays, but only after the actual draft event :) I would really recommend to try and make any of the suggested days, it's a whole bunch of fun, fun, fun and excitement on top!
  • I updated Doodle... I might make it on Thursday, might not, it's a tight squeeze. Will notify when I'm sure, though.
  • Is this draft an Overdrive?
  • no, Cyber War

    ReiNijs, do will see Overdrive soon also?

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