NETRUNNER SUMMER 2014 TOURNAMENT, 30th of August 12:30 @Dreamforge
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    Champion: One playmat depicting Reina Roja.
    Champion and Runner-up: Alternate art version of Jinteki: Personal Evolution.
    Runner-up and Bronze: A deck boxe (Anarch or NBN - 2nd place picks first).
    Seventeen alternate art versions of Aesop’s Pawnshop to be divided among all.

    It is that time again to compete for the fanciest of fancy stuff and prove your skills of deduction, deception, bravery and everything that matters! Participation fee is 4 EUR. Place of event is Dreamforge. Registration opens at 12:00 and we kick off the tournament at 12:30. Depending on the number of participants we will either Round Robin and tally the points or do 5 rounds of Swiss if there is more people - overall you should be ready to play for some 6.5 hours at most (that would be till 19:00).  

    Please sign-up and comment here so we can see what kind of turnup we can expect. 

    1. ReiNijs
    2. LTU
    3. Embery?
    4. Romas?
    5. kurcs
    6. Maaris?
    7. Spēlmans

    If you have a set of Netrunner or even if you don't, but you know the rules! Please come and play with us. I guarantee there will be awesome people there and we can help you get some cards if you need those! There really is nothing to fear of - even last places get back prizes their money's worth ;)
  • Im in!
  • im in, under '?'
    Reinijs, is it possible to announce such a cool events a litle bit more in advance, not in 10days :) 1 month, would be brilliant :) tnx!!
  • Excuse me, I have a question. So can I join even though I haven't played the game yet but I know the rules? And, obviously, don't own the core set. I would, on the other hand, like to try the game before the event. 
    P.S. I'm not sure if I will be able to attend the tournament (yet).
  • @Spēlmans Tournament without playing at least a dubledigits of games before would probably be overwhelming and not as fun - as you would spend much time reading all the cards, but if you can arrange to do at least some 5 games on each side before the event with a decent guidance - I think you can do well. Main focus would be to know your decks and your winning moves, then the only downside would be to not know what the opponents might have planned, but I still think you can have a great experience, fun and also in the end find a competitive edge ;) If you want to stop by Ludo tomorrow at some 17:30 we can play some games and I can get you introduced with some demo decks that you can later try out with others. 
  • Does anyone want to start warming up for the tournament tomorrow? I'll be available from ±18:45.
  • @Romas, we will try next time to announce earlier. 

    For now I can tell you that we still have to schedule 2 Netrunner Game Night Kit tournaments and Regionals :) Not really sure when, but we will let you know at least a couple of weeks beforehand. 
  • Thank You!

    which of those kit contain Alt-Noise? :)
  • Alt art Noise is from Nationals kits which we are not getting this year. Need to grow bigger community to be recognized in global scale ;)
  • :(( hmmm, must go back to US aft Noise
  • For regionals Lithuanians could join :) Or it wouldnt be big enough on global scale? :)
  • No no. We are counting on our comrades from Lithuania joining.
  • +1
  • Yeah, for Regionals we will let know more than month before so everyone can schedule well. We hope to see friends from both LT and EE also maybe other places ;)
  • Hell yeah!
  • Regionals is that with Virus tokens? :) that would be cool if esti and LT will join!!!

    and what was inside those GN?
  • Regionals swag just arrived :) yes, those are virus tokens.

    P.S. We will have a draft event sometime mid/late September. Regionals will probably be late October or even early November so we can prep everything in time!
  • That looks more awesome then Chronos
  • 50/50 iespēja ka piedalīšos
  • Could you please sign me up too?
  • Tomorrow's the big day. Cya all there!
  • Thank you all for coming! The surprising turnout of 9 people was amazing!


    Here are the standings:
    1. Māris 15pts
    2. Reinis 14pts
    3. Mārtiņš 11pts (tiebreaker win)
    4. Uldis 11pts (tiebreaker lose)
    5. Ēriks 10pts
    6. Arvils 9pts
    7. Justinas 8pts
    8. Romas 6pts (left early)
    9. Haralds 5pts

    There were many interesting, intense and devastating games. Some of those were caught on camera and I hope I'll get my time to work them into youtube videos - but probably not sooner than all other events that are on the list so it will mos def take some time.
  • Thanks to ReiNijs for organising this tournament!
  • Thanks everyone for participating. Its nice to see new people joining our ANR community.

    This tournament for sure was intense and devastating :) 

    Congrats to the winner/s!
  • Thanks everyone , was fun!!!

    ReiNijs, could you give some glimpse when will be next event?

    And maybe someone want to share/exchange/sale his Pawnshop for me?pls PM me someone
  • And again, the tournament goods were kind to me :)

    Thanks to Reinijs for another great event and to all participants (especialy Ēriks and  Haralds for courage to jump in tournament after so few games).

    It's good to be back for some serious netrunning after the quiet summer!!!

  • Next event might be Mid/Late September and that would be ANR Draft.

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