NETRUNNER LCG STORE CHAMP 2014, 25th of April 18:30
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    The summer is coming and we have to finish some big events before everyone scatters for more outdoor activities. So on 25th of April at 18:30 we will host Store Championship for Android: Netrunner with great prizes. Participation fee is 8 EUR.


    Champion: Store Championship plaque and a first place certificate
    Runner-Up: First pick on custom deck box
    3rd Place: The other custom deck box
    Top 4*: Four exclusive Android: Netrunner “Top 4” playmats
    Participation: Thirty-two full-bleed alternate art versions of Kati Jones to be split among all. 

    *If there will be uneven number of players, the TO will also play in the tournament and so there will be actually 5 playmats in the pool. 

    There is no limit on the amount on participants. You can sign up here or writing to janis[at] or at the day of the event. The decklists don't have to be sent prior, instead your opponent will check your decks after the first match. The championship will be played in swiss format of 5 rounds with 65min for a match. 

    TO: Jānis
    1. ReiNijs
    2. Imis
    3. LTU
    4. Romas
    5. Maaris
    6. Arvils
  • I'm in!
  • In!!!
  • in :) and with any ANR evnts in Riga its constant 'in' always :)

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