Selling games.
  • Hi guys, seems as I am running out of space on my shelves :) and someone has to give live with the other gamers. 
    Prices are negotiable. Please do not hesitate to PM me for more information.

    Note: all games, while in perfect condition, were unpacked.
    • 40 euro - Quarriors (2nd edition, played 1 time) 
    • 30 euro - Quarriors: Quartifacts 
    • will only sell together unless the expansion goes first.

    • 30 euro - Elder Sign (partially sleeved, played 2 times)

    • 25 euro - Mount Drago (played 1 time)

    • 15 euro - Carcassonne (played around 6-8 times)
    • 13 euro - Carcassonne: the Princess ad the Dragon (5th expansion, never played) 
    • 22 euro - Carcassonne: all 6 mini expansions. (never played)
    • will only sell together unless the expansions go first.

    • 8 euro - Saboteur (played 2 times)
  • List updated:

    • Added more games
    • Updated some prices.
  • New Saboteur costs EUR 8.95 and one Carcassonne mini expansion costs 4 EUR...
  • +1 Edgars, was wondering too..
  • And actually new Carcassonne is 17 EUR, and C:tPatD is 14. So this is a bit weird offer (unless you are not mentioning these being signed copies or something). :)
  • Thanks for the info Edgars :) I was just checking the prices online.

    Updated prices.

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