Ludo Netrunner League S1
  • Hello everyone, I'll keep this in English because I know we have people from various countries in our local Netrunner community. 

    We have been talking about a better organized competitive play. I know that there will be FFG Game Night Kit tournaments in the future and there might be also a new thing called Store Championship. All that is great, but those are just one time events while you probably want to be playing more regularly. So let's try something to help us get more plays and also keep record. See for further information.

    Leave your comments/suggestions here or there in English or Latvian and feel free to use also this topic as a place to arrange matches.
  • Great idea! I'm already in! :) Let's give it a try!
  • I could be in Ludo today at some 18:00 if anyone want's to play a match or two, or three..
  • yes,yes! so maybe somebody want to play earlier 2day?with plans to finish few rounds before 17:00?
    otherwise im open to play at monday-tuesday almost at any time (i have variable work time)
  • thank you, for taking initiative in this case :)
  • hehe, moš man beidzot būs izdevība iemācīties šo geimu, citādi stāv plauktā un noput :)
  • tad šajā vakarā kas ieplānots? tur tā lapa tagad nestrādā :)
  • Varu iemācīt. Es gan būšu tomēr laikam tik uz kādiem 18:30.
  • tad es ar uz to laiku būšu, man līdzi kaut ko vajag paņemt no pašas spēles?
  • Hi, ka jums gaja?
    vai kads grib izmeginat savus dekus rit, 1dien vai 2d?
  • Mums līdz galam nesanāca izspēlēt! Vēlu sākām, kā arī labs laiks pagāja kamēr apguvu pamatprincipus.
  • Hi, is anyone willing to have a game or two on Tueday and/or on Thursday? I'm only free from ~18:45.
  • lets try at thursday ;)
  • Ok, great! At Ludo? What time does Ludo close? :)
  • in December Ludo is open till 20:00
  • I might join you on Tuesday :)
  • Ok, then I'll come over on Tuesday to play with Reinijs and on Thursday to play with Romas :)
  • do u want to play also before 17, Reinijs?
  • I can only be there at some 18:00 earliest. Have to work, you know :)
  • As Romas' plans have changed, he can not participate, so I am free today in the evening for a few games of ANR.


    Please let me know if anyone would like to play!

  • I don't suppose someone could help me start playing AN? :) I have the core set and will be in Latvia from the 6th of January
  • hi! i would like to play at 6th, so i can help You!
  • Anyone care to play a round today? I could be in store at some 18:00
  • i care :) lets do this
  • I would like to try Android Netrunner game. Just read the rules, watched FFG videos. Can someone play with me my first game? I don't have my own game yet. Will wait for somebody to sell it, or when it will appear at Ludo shop. I am free tomorrow evening(after 18:30).
  • I can probably visit Ludo also tomorrow to play an introduction round with you.
  • If possible, I would enjoy playing an introduction round as well. I'm free most of Saturday.
  • I have arranged to be in Ludo at 12:00 to play with yurish, but it would probably be better if gumball could also show up at 12:00 then you two could play and I could just explain/clarify the rules. 

    Either way I'll be in Ludo for a couple of hours to introduce you with the game anyone who is interested.
  • Ok, I'll be there at 12:00
  • lets play today?
  • I would love to play, but I don't have my own game. :( Still coming somewhere between UK and Latvia. If you can give me a deck to play, I will. I am free from 18:30.
  • Two very nice rounds were played today against Romas. Thank you! If someone is willing to play and have a spare deck for me, I am free on Thursday after 18:30. 
  • I could go for a game on Thursday
  • Anyone would like to play on Wednesday or Thursday from 13:00 to 16:00?
  • who wants to join me today?aft 17:00?
  • So i got recently Base, maybe somone could be interested to teach me and go few rounds? :D
  • :) I could, when are you free? 

    In any case, start with this one: 
  • I would. I am still waiting for my base, but have played 5 rounds. :) 
  • I know that Janis will be in the store tomorrow :) So if you, Embery, meet with Darja or yurish to play a couple of rounds - you can ask him for any specific rule clarifications that might come up.
  • Well the time could be an issue for me :( when can you guys come to Ludo?
  • i could be there from 16:00 0r 17:00
  • who wants to join at 14-17,today?
  • who is ready to play this evening, ab19?i just need to stay in center till 21, need to spend time :)
  • Would anyone like to play on the 14th? I'll be free after 15:00
  • i might be
  • Would anyone be interested in couple of matches tomorrow, Jan. 16th, past ~18:30 ?
  • Sure, I am interested.
  • so S1 is open till 31.january?what divide Seasons?
  • Yes, the season will end on 31st and after this is done I'll gather the info to put out some pie charts about identities :D I am currently not sure how we will proceed with this, but seeing as we have players that participate we might as well set up something more structured to have an actual competition - it will not be again in challengeboards but probably in google drive.
  • Anyone available for a game today past 18:30 ?
  • in which place?

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