Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game
  • Does anyone organise plays of the following game?
  • We have had some games. But me and Embery are going to start playing Star Wars RPG for serious any time soon. Any time now. :) We will let the people know when that happens, so anyone who wants can join in.
  • A year later: "Any time now".
  • But it counts as "Any time now" :D

    And i would like to start play game with Beginner Game, then move forward to continue Long arm of the Hutt.

    I would offer some dates, if we could gather up at least 2-3 players for Begginer Game. I could be GM.
    And it would be nice start for party for few sessions.

    This years date could be 21.12.2013

    And next years date could be 04.01.2014

    But it is up to people, how they could make and manage to thouse dates.


    have everything for Character creation and other usefull and useless stuff. :D
  • Thats cool that there are people involved with this game already :) I would really like to give it a try (Beginner book), as I have never played any RPG.

    I have no idea how that game really plays, so question would be, how much time is needed to play it? So far 21.12 day is not good for me. Dont know about 04.01 yet.

    I could also talk my gf to join us. So you would have at least 2 players! :)

  • Well it depends. it could be around 2 hours. If we will use pre-made characters what are in Beginers game it will take around 2 or more hours.

    If you will be interested making your own character, then it will be longer.

    And neat, you can add your own dates aswell, on wich you can make, then we could see when we could make it.
  • This time of year is a very busy period. Whenever I'll know something specific about the dates will let you know! In the meantime, are there any more people interested? :)
  • So New year begins and we could try to make new party for Star Wars.

    But we need to set date on wich we could meet and start our 1st session.

    And find people who would like to participate.

    So beside me there could be at least 2-6 people who could and would participate in this RPG.
  • i would like to join! ..just if time will fit my schedule :)
  • I would like to join as well. This weekend seems fine for me.
  • i cant on this weekend :(
  • Too bad, but this weekend i cant. Have to go to birthday party.

    As Streindžlovs has said before, i have mixed up priorities.:D

    Well, we could try at 19th, but then there is issue with place were we could do it.

  • Is 19th good for Romas?

    I am getting a feeling it is going to be postponed till February :D

  • Creata a doodle and see when all of you can.
  • Yeah, that would be the best idea.

    Here comes doodle

    I putted time 17:30-18:00 for starting time. because someones job ends at 17:00 somones at 18:00, but i think we 1st need to know wich day, then we can see at what time.
  • Seems, that 19th is good for Romas. :D
  • Indeed :)
  • So if we make session on 19th, then we need to find place were to make it.
  • 3 participants are enough? I was planning to come with one more player, but plans have changed :)

  • but i must to finish ab.20:00. Do we will have enough time?
  • I think for the start it is good

    and there might be some other people who will join us on 19th.

    Because it is just 15th. Still there is time for people to think if they want to participate

    If we meet up around 11:00-12:00 then i think it will have enough time.

  • I would like to join, I will be able to make it on 19th, however I am not sure about the consequent sessions, etc.

    Not to terrify or overload anyone with information, but here is a wonderful set of tools for Edge of the Empire:

    Of interest could be the:

    2) unofficial species menagerie: <with list of additional races/aliens players can pick with a GM's approval, of course. From my experience I can say that it is rather balanced in a way, however might require some additional Star Wars lore from players/GM.

    3) and printer friendly black and white character sheets similar to those that come with the created characters:

  • So its 19th at 11:00-12:00? The later the better for me. And the duration of this should be 2 hours?

    Not sure to whome the Moondee information is targeted :)

  • later is better for me also!
  • Moodee i have all of it and some bit more. But thanks for sharing anyways. :D
    Tho will check that Waveyourgeekflag. ;)

    And i at least wont mind extra player. And if you cant make on some sessions it is ok at least i wont mind it.
    You and your character will appear time to time with new missions or to save someone. :D

    And about time, we can meet bit later, like around 13:00-14:00 and it could be around 2-3 hours, depending how we will go. :)
  • 13:00 is good for me.
  • Sorry to say this, but on 19th is my cousins wedding, it slipped my mind. So i will have to cancel this session. But you all could meet up if some of you have Sw beginers box. Or we make diffrent date for it.
  • so we all switch to than AN?Justinas, how about next Sunday for SW?or maybe u have that dont..
  • I would suggest to wait for Embery, as even if I had beginner box (which I don't) or borrow from someone, it would drag out in time to figure everything for the first time. Next weekend is ANR tournament, so I'd prefer to participate in that, as there won't be time for me to participate in both, even if SW is on Sunday. The weekend after that, I'm out. So the next free day for SW for me would be the 02.08-02.09..
  • Ok, then there goes 2nd take on this.

    There will be doodle for the next month.

    And about time there. it is mostly informative. We can arrange to start faster or later.

    And for now i putted almoust everywere on maybe, but it is more Yes than No. So you can all easy put wich dates would suit you most.

    As for now i can see that 8-9th february could be when we could meet up.
  • So, I have already 2 people who are willing to play on 8th. So LTU will you be alone or +1?

    Because then we will be 3-4 with you LTU :)
  • So. 2 people called sick at last moment. So if anyone is up this early and are interested in this game, maybe could join us. :-D 2 spaces are free. :-D
  • 4 posts in the row. :D

    So, i want to make another session, but now we move story forward to Long arm of Hutt.

    It is continue to the story what was in SW begginers box.

    Again 2-5 people who is interested in participating.

    Thouse who want to participate dont need any extra knowledge, it wont be issue if you havent been in previous session, Escape from Mos Shuuta. Basicly if you are interested then just post it here or on Doodle.

    Dates in green means i possibly can make on them, but in yellow means, that it is Yes, if we can get enough people.
  • Well, these several following weekends are a no-go for me. 

    And also a time needed to play a session is a big disadvantage for me, since it took 3.5h last time :/
  • Well, we can always limit the time.

    Then i can split adventures in more sessions.

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