Playing Netrunner [Riga]
  • Hi! I'm looking for netrunner players here in Riga, I have 1 runner and 1 corp deck, and I'd really enjoy some match.

    My latvian is still really poor, so please answer in english! (or italian, if someone does know)



    I'm still a newbie at this game. I've only played twice, with a self-made horrible deck.

    Now I hope I've built 2 quite good decks. So if there is someone willing to try this game, I'm new as well, and I have 2 test deck ready to play.

    For those who doesn't know, netrunner is a cardgame as magic, but REALLY cheaper, and with different strategies. Worth trying.
  • gone and went back, 1 month and so much stuff happened....

    forgot 2 netrunner decks back in my mother home >.< (and pocket battles, too. guys from the shop: I want all 3 boxes of pocket battles in stocks when I'll get back there. NO EXCUSES!!!)

    I'll soon open a topic for pocket battles in riga.

  • I'd love to play some pocket battle. Have 2 boxes of them. Have played once-so need some reminding and tips.But i really enjoy the cocept.
  • great! if you've got elves&orks I've ready some armylist in my mind, for other boxes... let's try, only I could take time to manage a strategy!

    I have some days of rush works. but I'll be ready for a little battle also this week. sometimes I go at the ludo shop, we could meet there with little pre-planning, or maybe randomly.

    so in case you go to ludo shop, carry some elves with you
  • Is this thread still valid? :)
  • Well ... We did not meet, but i belive that we both still have the game.
    I have not playd it more so, would enjoy a company, but at this point its relly hard for me to plan a free time as i have an unsheduled working hours.
  • I see. As I am currently residing in Riga, I would love to play a game or two of Netrunner. I have played it about 5months ago, and only few times. So my expertise is pretty limited. Please, comment under this post if anyone is looking for company and has some spare evenings!
  • Hi! LTU, sorry for missunderstanding. I am not playing Nettrunner, but there are quite many people in the shop who do play. I belive - somebody will answer about Netrunner.
  • Lets hope so! :D
  • Hi, if you come to the store tomorrow, you will most likely have a chance to play ANR there ;) 
    There will be AGoT tournament happening, but I know that there will be also players with ANR decks. 
    So please come join our festivities and meet some LCG players. 
  • What ReiNijs said :)
  • Hey, ReiNijs, thanks for the update. But this weekend is booked for me. Do you have some work-day evenings dedicated to gaming?
  • Does anyone organize any ANR Tournaments? :)
  • Ludo has organized 3 ANR tournaments so far and we plan for this trend to only grow with more people attending!

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