GoT LCG Tourney (Lithuania)
  • Lietuviešu geimeru kopiena nodod ziņu par drīzumā gaidāmo GoT LCG turnīru.

    Game: Game of Thrones LCG
    Format: Melee and Joust
    Date: 8th (Melee) and 9th (Joust) December, 2012
    Location: Hobbyshop named "Rikis"
    Contact: Paulius Kinderis +37068906679

    The date of tourney is decided to be on 8-9th of December (the second
    weekend of December). First day for melee, second - for joust (it will
    be acceptable to participate in only one of these events, but we would
    like as many people as possible in both :). Rules - general tournament
    rules from FFG and, of course, Core rules and the newest FAQ available. It wasn't
    discussed by us yet, but I am sure we won't be forbidding any chapter
    packs (that means if you can get the latest chapter packs - you can play
    it :) world championships and other tourneys, in my knowledge, prefers
    the newest chapter packs to be "tested" before). Event will take place in hobbyshop named "Rikis". I think you can get all the information like address, map and other there. If something not so clear - just ask me :)

    In addition I need to say that accomodation, if needed, will be provided
    by us - as I suppose there won't be more than 5 guys from Latvia,
    members of our community would be able to find some space for them
    simply in our places. If this doesn't seem comfortable for you, of
    course, you can try to search for a place to stay by yourselves.

    It would be very kind if you guys could tell us at least preliminary
    answer about your participation this week. Thanks in advance :)
  • Pirms kāda laika Paulius sazinājās ar Ludo (Jāni) un interesējās par GoT LCG aktivitātēm Latvijā.
    Vārdu pa vārdam es jau biju parakstījies braukt pie viņiem ciemā, bet man kardināli pamainījās situācija ar darbiem + tieši pirmajā Decembra nedēļā man ir divi eksāmeni.

    Tad nu varbūt kādam citam ir interese aizdoties uz lietuvu ietusēt. Ja akurāt ir vajadzīgas GoT LCG kārtis, lai sabildotu kādu deku vai trūkst kādas konkrētas kārtis - varu aizlienēt. ;)
  • to Admin: šo var slēgt
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