Selling all Star Wars: The Card Game collection
  • Selling all "Star Wars: The Card Game" collection:

    - 2X Core Sets
    - 2X Deluxe Exp. Between The Shadows
    - 1X Deluxe Exp. Edge of Darkness
    - 1X Deluxe Exp. Between the Shadows

    The Hoth Cycle:
    - 1X Escape from Hoth

    Echoes of the Force Cycle:

    - 1X Join us or die
    - 1X It Binds All Things
    - 1X Heroes and Legends
    - 1X Lure of the dark side
    - 1X Knowledge and defense

    Rogue Squadron Cycle:

    - 1X Ready for Takeoff
    - 1X Draw Their Fire
    - 1X Evasive Maneuvers
    - 1X Attack Run
    - 1X Chain of Command
    - 1X Jump to Lightspeed

    Price negotiable, please PM. Selling all in one bulk.
  • Up :)
  • 159,00 EUR

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