Selling Android: Netrunner LCG collection.
  • Selling Android: Netrunner LCG lot that includes all cards from:

    - 3 copies of Cores Sets
    - Creation and Control Deluxe Expansion
    - Honor and Profit Deluxe Expansion
    - Order and Chaos Deluxe Expansion
    - Data and Destiny Deluxe Expansion
    - Full Genesis Cycle (6 expansions)
    - Full Spin Cycle (6 expansions)
    - Full Lunar Cycle (6 expansions)
    - Full SanSan Cycle (6 expansions)

    Price: negotiable, please send pm those that are interested.
  • You should probably put it up on ebay, reddit and/or BGG as well - the odds of finding an interested buyer for an entire collection locally aren't good (as evidenced by the fact that nobody has yet bought Imants' collection, and I didn't get any local buyers for mine either, and ended up selling via reddit).
  • Yep, its on eBay as well, though thought trying it here, just in case :)
  • Up :)
  • SOLD.
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