Pievedums 20.07. 2/4
  • Five Tribes ENG
    Five Tribes Exp 2 Whims of the Sultan
    Quadropolis Public Services
    Bang! The Bullet
    Bang! Wild West Show
    Bang! Gold Rush
    Bang! High Noon & A Fistful of Cards
    Bang! Valley of Shadows
    Bang! Dice Game Old Saloon
    Dark Tales
    Dark Tales Snow White
    Dark Tales Little Red Riding Hood
    Dark Tales Cinderella
    Exploding Kittens 1st Ed. (MEOW)
    Exploding Kittens NSFW Ed.
    Exploding Kittens Original Ed.
    Android Net Earth's Sion
    Android Net Blood and Water
    Android Net Blood and Water
    AH Card CG Essex County Express
    AH Card CG Essex County Express
    AH Card CG Lost In Time & Space
    AH Card CG Lost In Time & Space
    AH Card CG Curse on Rougarou Scen. Pack
    Battlestar Galactica
    Descent Journey in the Dark 2nd ed.
    Eldritch Horror Cities in Ruin
    AGOT LCG Fall oF Astapor
    AGOT LCG Red Wedding
    AGOT LCG Red Wedding
    Game of Thr HBO Iron Throne Wars To Come
    Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed.
    Mansions of Madness Beyond Threshold
    SW Rebellion
    Star Wars LCG Scrap Metal Force Pack
    Star Wars LCG Allies of Necessity Force
    Star Wars Destiny Kylo Ren Starter Pack
    Star Wars Destiny Rey Starter Pack
    Star Wars Destiny Spirit of Rebellion Bo
    Star Wars Imperial Assault
    Star Wars IA Twin Shadows Exp.
    Star Wars IA Return to Hoth
    Star Wars Armada
    SW X-Wing Force Aw Core Set
    Game of Thrones Board Game 2nd Ed.
    Mission Red Planet
    Warham 40K Conquest LCG
    Citadels Citadels Classic ENG
    Citadels NEW ENG
    Xcom Board Game
    Space Hulk Death Angel
    Sneaky Cards
    Shit Happens

  • Uj, labs pieviedums! Lūgums atlikt  Five Tribes Exp 2 Whims of the Sultan
  • Paplašinājumu dabuju, paldies.
  • Five Tribes Exp 2 Whims of the Sultan - Neskaitot piekto spēlētāju, kas vēl jauns šajā expansionā?

  • Five Tribes: Whims of the Sultan contains all the components needed to play five-player games of Five Tribes and introduces new fabulous cities tiles. Visiting these cities gives players opportunities to win glory as they fulfill excessive requests from the Sultan by completing "Whim of the Sultan" cards. Fierce competition is to be expected, as controlling these tiles can be a major contributor to a player's final score.

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