Star Wars LCG 2016 Regional Championship
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    Greeting my fellow companions. Yet again the time has come to go forward in this dark times to conquer the Force by force?!?

    Ok, this was suppouse to be funny.. Meh..

    But let's get to it.

    Let's make 2016 Regionals happen.

    Time: Date will be decided by doodle, but it will be on Saturday Click me

    Entry Fee: 13 Euros, with 20+ people it will be 11 Euros.

    Prizes: 1 Colored trophy depicting the Medal of Yavin; 4 sets of double sided plastic spot-glossed Force Dedication cards; 8 playmats depicting Ahsoka Tano, the fulcrum of a young Rebellion; 16 sets of acrylic Focus Tokens; 64 copies of the alternate art card "Wicket W. Warrick" (Prizes will be handed out accordingly how many participants there will be.)

    Requirements to participate: Basic knowledge of the game, Good mood.

    Everyone is welcomed to participate. If someone wants to try this game out there are frequent LCG nights to try your hand in this great game.
    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I will try to answer them to best of my ability. (Or someone else if i am too slow) 

  • So then the date will be 9th of september starting from 10.00-10:30. And depending on people if they will be on time. Could start  at 11.00.

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