SW Literature
  • A question to all those Star Wars fans.
    Which books would you recommend from the SW universe for the person who has been exposed only to movies. Let's say your TOP 3 choices?
    Thought of grabbing something to read and SW seemed to have a plethora of available options. Even though I have googled a tiny bit I am curious on your opinions, feel free ;)
  • 1) The episode III novelization; you already know what happens there, but Matt Stover's writing is beyond brilliant (in this book, at least; I've never read anything else he's written)
    2) The Thrawn trilogy (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command); Thrawn is definitely one of the coolest Star Wars characters
    3) The Darth Bane trilogy (Path of Destruction, Rule of Two, Dynasty of Evil); it's about the creation of the Sith rule of two, provide good insight into Sith thinking, and are just generally good reading
  • I personally started with Bane books (these were quite good, except for combat part - when those started i had a feeling like in video game instead of SW universe), but i would rather suggest going through the timeline instead of reading 1 or 2 books from somewhere in middle, as that can better set you in the SW mood and give feeling on how the life in SW universe changes by centuries...

    Of course that by reading you will read some not that good books, but if you are a fan of SW, then maybe it is worth it? : )

    Also, remember, that now Disney have split this universe in 2 parts - Expanded universe and Cannon.
    Cannon being original movies and new content approved by Disney, and Expanded would be most of the books, comic and cartoons...
    So this also brings to question -> you want to read Extended part or the Cannon part? I would recommenced thinking on which part is important to you and start with that..
  • Hey, thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. Will have something to think about!
  • From Cannon I would recommend the Darth Vader comics from Marvel. But mostly all of the new Marvel stuff is quite good. And from books Lost Stars and Bloodline.
  • I just read some of the Vader comics yesterday and can definitely +1 that recommendation!

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