STAR WARS LCG: Spring 2016 Tournament
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    Hey all, time has come to announce another SW: LCG Tournamet.

    After Filling Doodle we will se When we will have this tournemnt going.

    Time: To be decided by doodle.
    Place: Brain Games Store (if something chages will notify)
    Entry Fee: 4 Euros.
    Prizes: 1 
    Acrylic Death Star dial;  2 Alt Art Wedge Antilles  and evenly distributed Alt Art TIE Attack Squadron (max 2 per person)
    Requirements to participate: Good mood. 

    Everyone is welcomed to participate. If you dont own this game then we can teach you and provide playable decks for Tournament.
    Feel free to ask any question i will try to answer as best as i can. 

  • This has been posten on facebook LCG RIGA group

  • Can my son (11 yrs.) participate as well?
  • I can't speak for the organizers, but I think it should be okay so long as he has played the game before. You don't have to be an expert in the game to participate or anything, but with timed rounds the tournament would not be a good time to play for the first time.
    If you guys don't have all the cards yet, let us know and we can probably lend you what you need.
  • Thanks Streindžlovs for the answer and i have to say the same.

    If your son have played this game before AND knows english to understand what is written on cards, then i would say he can participate.(you need to read and understand the text to play it) We usualy help new people out even if we play tournamet, but as we aren't so many then it would be really difficult, not impossible, to explain your son the cards and play with him. Best thing would be that there would be someone who could help him, for example, you because we will be all playing this wonderfull game. :)

    Then there is thing that one game round goes around 60 minutes and you will have to play 2 games in that time - one with Light side and other with Dark side. Depending how well it goes, you will be rewarded with points and in the end with place. And by the looks of it we will be playing on this friday evening. from ~18:00 - ~ 23:00 for at least 4-5 hours. (4 rounds with a break in between)

    I dont want to discourage you or your son to come to these kind of game nights, but  you have to consider these points before coming to tournament so everyone would be happy about playing this game. And as it is tournament with entry fee, then most of us will be in competative spirits and will want to win to get the main prize.

    And as Streindžlovs mentioned, then we can even lend some cards for tournament time if we wont be using them ourselfs. 
  • So, by the looks of it, the tournament will be happening this Friday 09.06.2017. As there is 6 (potential) people who would be participating.
    If there is any more who would like to participate, then surely you can ask and even if you dont have any cards for this game, we will be abel to provide you with them.
  • One more point (which actually applies to everyone, not just your son) - please check the FAQ, card errata and restricted list before making your deck. Otherwise you run the risk of having an illegal deck and not being able to participate. You can find it all on the FFG website.
  • Thanks all who was at the tournament. Hope you had a great time.

    And Grats for Streindžlovs, because he went and got 1st place. :)

  • No surprises there :) Congratulations.

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