Star Wars LCG, Lord of the rings LCG.
  • Visas kārtis like-new, liela daļa pat nav spēlētas, turētas kārbā. 

    Lord of the rings LCG - Core set - 25eu

    Call of Cthulhu LCG - The Wailer below - asylum pack (neatvērts) - 8eu

    Star Wars LCG:

    Core set (2x) - 60eu (klāt dod custom tokenus , laminētos dividers objective setiem), 2x laminētos plastic playmat (A3 izmēra): Darkside un Lightside. , 4x laminētas špikerlapas (2x action windows, quick refernces/card abilities, rules summary), izprintēts FAQ, 2x rule books.

    Expansion katra pa 20eu:

    Galactic Ambition;
    Impereal Entanglements;
    Between Shadows;
    Edge of Darkness (2x);
    Balance of Force;

    Force packs: 10eu

    -The Hoth cycle-

    The desolation of hoth
    The search for skywalker
    A dark time
    Assault on echo base
    The battle of hoth
    Escape from hoth
  • Up! Updated packs.

    -Echoes of force cycle-

    Heroes and legends
    Lure of the dark side
    Knowledge and defense
    Join us or die
    It binds all things
    Darkness and light

    -Rogue Squadron cycle-

    Ready for takeoff
    Draw their fire
    Evasive maneuvers
    Attack run
    Chain of command
    Jump to lightspeed

    -Endor cycle-

    Solo's command
    New alliances
    The forest moon
    So be it
    Press the attack
    Redemption and return
  • Up. Paņemot visu Star Wars kopā, būs cits cipars. PM.
  • Ja ņem visu SW lcg, cik kopā sanāk ?
  • 270eu.

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